The Tinker Phase is all about
answering the question,
“What’s next?”  

How do I personally scale up exponentially instead of incrementally?

How do I retire?

How do I duplicate what I've built?

How do I buy cash flow assets?

How do I start the next thing?

How do I live 150 years?

What are other high-level entrepreneurs doing?

What's coming in the future?

How do I take my big idea and make it a reality?

How do I forge a legacy in my community?

How do I keep my staff motivated and happy?

...and 1000 more.

In other words,

the Tinker Phase

is where you get to build

the life of your dreams.



Here’s how mentorship looks
in the Tinker Phase:


  • Invites to 3 in-person meetups per year
  • Access to a Tinker level Mentor as needed
  • Group Calls and Networking
  • Exclusive presentations from world-class entrepreneurs
  • Unmatched tools, including the Tinker Toolkit
  • High-level curriculum focused on building multi-generational wealth
  • Unlimited support from the Two-Brain team
  • Price covers 12-months in the Tinker Program

USD $18,500.00