In-person meetups are incredibly valuable

for learning and support.

At a Two-Brain Regional Event, you’ll work through two seminars led by a Two-Brain Mentor via video. Your host will then guide you through specific exercises to grow your gym based on the seminar. From there, you’ll participate in more open discussion with other local gym owners; eat; workout; and grow from the platform of support and community. Regional events are free for Two-Brain Business Growth and Tinker clients, and open to other gym owners for $99 per ticket.

Two-Brain Business Regional Event:
February 13, 2021

Per Mattsson

Per Mattsson

Two-Brain Business Mentor

Per is the owner of two gyms in Sweden and a former high school principal. His business’ success comes down to leadership.

No More Tough Talks: Lead Better With A Feedback Culture

In this seminar, Per will teach you how to build the “feedback culture” that keeps his team growing his gyms without his constant oversight.

Colm O'Reilly

Colm O'Reilly

Two-Brain Business Mentor

Colm O’Reilly has an incredible story, and has developed the tools to overcome depression and anxiety. These are the tools your clients need more than ever, and Colm has bridged the gap between theory and practice. 

Why Mindset Coaching Matters (And How To Start Coaching Mindset)

In this seminar, Colm will tell you why you should offer this service to your clients, and how to get started.

Two-Brain Regional Event

USD $99.00

Choose from one of these locations:

  • Australia - Milton, QLD
  • Canada - Oakville, ON (FULL - Waitlist only)
  • Canada - Stoney Creek, ON
  • Canada - Sault Ste. Marie
  • England - Hammersmith, London
  • Ireland - Waterford
  • New Zealand - Porirua
  • Sweden - Stockholm
  • Arkansas - Little Rock
  • California - Rancho Santa Margarita
  • Colorado - Wheat Ridge (FULL - Waitlist only)
  • Georgia - Smyrna
  • Florida - Lithia
  • Massachusetts - Winthrop (FULL - Waitlist only)
  • Michigan - Grand Rapids
  • Mississippi - Gulfport
  • New Jersey - Hamilton
  • New Jersey - Jersey City
  • Texas - San Antonio


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