TwoBrain Summit 2017 Videos

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The 2017 TwoBrain Summit was the largest gathering of CrossFit Affiliate Owners since 2013. Over two days, speakers on both business and coaching taught both core concepts and new technologies.

These were their lectures. Not included, of course, are the breakout sessions, Hot Seats, or in-session Action breakouts. Nothing replaces the in-person experience, but the knowledge shared is incredibly valuable.

Tickets to the 2018 Summit will be capped at 400 attendees, including owners and coaches.

In this course, you’ll find 34 videos from Dave Tate, Chris Cooper, Jason Brown, Nicole Aucoin and a dozen other experts. You’ll get actionable advice, valuable stories and a heap of inspiration.


Gym Owners

Day 1

8:00: Check In

8:30: Owner To Entrepreneur, with Chris Cooper

9:30: Keynote Address: Dave Tate

10:45: Building a Robust Business with Chris Cooper

1:00: Affinity Marketing

2:00: Bright Spots: Keeping Clients for Decades

3:15: Adding Nutrition Programs, with Nicole Marchand

4:00: Introduction to The Prescriptive Model


Day 2

8:30: Chris Cooper and Hot Topics Roundup

9:30: SME Session #1: Theresa Smith on Websites / Josh Price on Where Will You Be in 50 Years?

1:00: Hot Topics: Finding high-level clients – Panel

2:00: SME Session #2 – Incite – Affiliate Guard

3:00: SME Session #3 – Nutrition and Supplements / InBody

4:00: Craig Hysell: Motivation



Day 1

8:30 – Introduction to How to Coach Coaches – Building a Foundation

9:30 – Coaching Gymnastics, with Lacey van der Marel and Jay Rhodes

10:45 – Evidence Based Decision Making – Only 2K to go.

1:00 – Keynote: Dave Tate

2:30 – Understanding Research vs. Real World Results

3:15 – Understanding Evidence – Izumi Tabata

4:00 – Where do we find the good stuff?

Coaching Gymnastics, with Lacey Rhodes


Day  2

8:30 – Degrees of Certainty – Building the Best Case you can with the information we have. – How much would you bet this is going to work?

9:30 – Understanding Systematic Reviews  – KT Tape, the power of placebo and non-responders.

10:45 – Understanding Real World Relevance – Leveraging ‘Science’ to Maximize Client Outcomes – Is it true? …or is it a belief?

1:00 – Box Pilates, with Sara Benson

2:00 – Programming w Jason Brown

3:15 – Intrapreneurialism – opportunities for careers in coaching, w Brian Alexander



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