Bridge Fund

We don’t want The Mission to suffer when the weather goes bad.

When active members of the Two-Brain family are forced to close because of hurricanes, flooding or tornadoes we’re going to help.

This isn’t a replacement for insurance; it’s cash that we can deploy FAST to help box owners bridge the gap. We can get it to you within 24 hours, usually. And you can take 3 months to pay it back, at zero interest; usually when the insurance money arrives.

The Bridge Fund will deploy supplies to help you clean up and mobilize your membership; guidance from owners who have been there; and/or up to $10,000 to cover expenses until the insurance money arrives.


  • You must possess current Flood and Weather Insurance (click here).
  • You must be a current member of Two-Brain Business and remain so during the loan period.
  • You must fully replenish the fund within 3 months of receiving it.
  • Fill in the form below. If you’re approved, you’ll hear from our Advisory Board panel within 48 hours.

3 Groups, No Waiting

2020 is the Year of Focus at Two-Brain Business.


Two-Brain Business is a mentorship practice. And most of a mentor’s job is helping you focus on the important stuff. That means finding the best and filtering the rest.

As I wrote in “Founder, Farmer, Tinker, Thief”, the best information for you right NOW might not be the best information for someone else right now. The further you go in your entrepreneurial journey, the more important filters become.

Our Growth Stage group on Facebook is for gym owners who have completed our RampUp program. Most are in the Farmer phase of entrepreneurship. It’s probably the best group on Facebook.

This year, we’ve added some huge tools to Growth Phase: the Roadmap, daily Office Hours, Specialist calls, and the choice to switch mentors when you want to. These were all built to answer the question, “What’s best for me NOW?”

Our duty is also to help you filter the rest. So we built a separate RampUp Stage group on Facebook for the folks in our RampUp program (formerly the Incubator.) Because they have their own topics and challenges. 🙂

And finally, we have a wide-open public group called Gym Owners United. This is moderated for good manners but not for content.

Now, with so many groups, some gym owners are getting lost. No one wants to miss anything, so they try to follow all three groups all day…and it’s just too much.

Here’s what I want you to do about it.

  1. If you’re in the Growth Phase of mentorship, quit the RampUp group (we’ll help you with this.) You’re not going to miss anything. In fact, you’ll gain focus.
  2. If you’re in the Growth Phase of mentorship, quit the Gym Owners United group…unless you want to help other gym owners find their way. Practice “Help First”, absolutely. But don’t get pulled into the trap of keeping up with all three. You’re not going to miss anything.

When we post something important, we always post it in the Growth group first.

Our Open Office Hours with Two-Brain Specialists (Sales, Digital marketing, Online Coaching, Personal Training and Nutrition Business) will be held on Zoom instead of Facebook Live, so you can join any of those at 11am EST. Recordings will be shared in both groups too.

Files that we share will be posted only in the Growth group, making them easier to find.

On Friday, May 22, we’ll remove Growth Phase clients from the RampUp Phase group. This will give you:



Ease of finding stuff


Office Hours



You’ll lose:


Questions? email!